Managed Platform

Designed for your team and application

Have a platform designed to your needs. Enable easy deployment and scaling.

Our team to help your team

Your development team need easy to use tools so that they can focus on delivery.

Pay for what you use

We work with AWS to enable a first class platform with processes to empower your teams.

Built to fail is a paradigm you must adopt. Google and Amazon build their own servers as cheaply as possible knowing that even if they used name brand servers, components fail at least 4% during the first year – and this increases as the server and components get older. If you’re going to get a failure anyway, why not save money and design around the failure.

With our managed platform, failures are monitored and auto recovery triggered automatically.

Automatic deployments and scaling can also be designed into your platform enabling your creative teams to do what they do best.

We always design platforms base on these four principles.

Our Four Steps for a successful cloud adoption

Step one: Application designed for cloud

Step two: Automated infrastructure for your build, test, deployment and operation

Step three: Scaling for flexible workloads

Step four: Keeping the data safe